A spectacular return to blogging: The heartbreakingly beautiful “Passionata” á la Mother

Raspberry mousse atop a berry-flavoured sponge cake with coconut dacquoise biscuit filled with passion fruit cream

My mother has not been idle in the time that I have been (from this blog). It’s been a huge, huge while, but seeing as I’m on study leave now I should take some time to blog - this is the 21st century of procrastination after all, and after having kept my mother’s creations to myself for too long it’s high time I share them.

This beautiful creation is a result of my mother having begun taking dessert classes at Le Cordon Bleu, and the “Passionata” was on one of her exams. My mother was telling me (with a hint of despair) about the pinkish-rainbow hue around the cake: apparently it’s made from two types of batter (tuile and sponge), one frozen and the other put on top of it. It was amazing, and well-worth the effort - the raspberry mousse was cool and sweet-sour, and the sourness of the passionfruit cut through the sweetness of the coconut filling. Just - wow.

Oh my god….. I need this.